Hey Everyone! Shelly here.

This looks like a good place to give you some background info.

My oldest child was born while I was barely 16.  My youngest during my last year of college and has diagnosed as bi-polar, PTSD, severe anxiety, ODD and probably some other things I'm forgetting.

You could say my wellness journey started in 2006, when I got serious about needing to lose medication induced weight during pregnancy of my young one.  The rapid weight gain had started to trigger raising cholesterol numbers and borderline diabetes.

It stared with belly dance lessons and the beginning of LOTS of research on how foods impact the body.  Like seriously, a lot.  I believe if you're going to talk about something, you better actually find out something about it.  And if something doesn't "feel" right, I will find out what and why.

In 2013, I became a licensed Zumba instructor and have several specialty licenses for that. In 2015, I crept into the MLM world of Beachbody coaching. (Hold up! if you've had a bad BB coach experience, that's NOT what this is about.) In early 2016, I took an online course to become a Reiki Master.  From those places, I am here, teaching others how to change their life so they may pass on the knowledge.  It's up to us to give ourselves a kick ass life.  But it's easier with help.

Raising my youngest has been a HUGE challenge.  There has been little to no outside support for raising one like her.  It is my hope that other parents will start to tell their stories after reading some of my struggles.  It's a lonely world parenting a child that needs a LOT of extra care.

I'm here to help you shed some funked up beliefs we hear our whole lives.  Here to help you clear out the bull shit.  To help you find the magnificent you and bring that person out.  From learning how to be grateful to letting you know WHY you need to quit listening to the big food industry to helping you figure out how to clean up money problems and who knows what else will develop.

Anything is possible if you want it.  I believe things happen for a reason.  We were brought together for a purpose, so let's figure out what it is.  I so look forward to getting to know the amazing person you are.