Letting Go


September has been a difficult time for many years.  I always get stressed, major anxiety, go into depressive states, and try as I

might to be positive the negative seems to out weigh in every situation.

Mercury is in retrograde this year during Virgo’s cycle.  This is like a blessing and curse at the same time.  The cursed part is Mercury rules communication and seems to have an affect on electronics.  Can’t seem to put a coherent sentence together?  Cell phone suddenly doing strange things?  This could possibly be the retrograde or just coincidence.  This time I am without a doubt convinced the ruler of my sign (I’m a Virgo) being in retrograde has been kicking my ass.


But I can’t blame everything on “silly” astrology mumbo jumo.  Many of life’s hardships go way back.  (The bad feels are amplified at the moment from that Mercury thing.)  It comes in the form of having a huge heart on the inside, but having to follow what is just and true outside….personal feelings be damned.  The biggest hurt right now is having to end a 20+ year friendship.  I won’t go into the specific details as I find it rude and kind of makes you out to be the asshole to publicly shame individuals (even if sometimes it may seem like they deserve it, but I WILL announce people that are a danger to the public that our oh so wonderful justice system lets run amuck), but being used and betrayed are enough for me to realize we have grown to become different people with different morals that don’t work together.  As I linger on the pain of this long time friendship ending, memories of other hurts come flooding back.  Hard.  Excruciatingly hard.


The blessing side of retrograde is it’s time to let things go.  It’s time to release whatever is holding you back from becoming the best you ever.  It doesn’t matter if it’s finally throwing away math papers from grade school, changing your eating & exercise regime or if it’s releasing toxic people from your life.  It’s a time to focus on what serves you best in life and let go of what’s not.  Burn the papers, get rid of the boxed mac & cheese, delete that contact information.  It’s OK.  Difficult, but ok.  Once you get through the initial act of letting go, you’ll feel a huge weight lifted off your soul.  Focus on taking care of you.  Take long walks and baths.  Eat better food & cleansed the processed crap out of your system.  Learn to love yourself without the soul sucking vampires.  You, I, WE deserve it.  This is OUR life.  Stop being an asshole and stop putting up with assholes.

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