Stress, diet & exercise

Stress, food & exercise

zoom_profileI had SOOO many topics to choose from for this month's blog. But then life happened....and I couldn't find words for any of it. Life has been happening a lot lately. I haven't looked into it, but am thinking the stars & planets have some funky alignment going on because MANY people I know have life happening. And not the good life stuff. I'm talking pending lawsuits, frustration trying to get my daughter the right medical care, a 25 year friendship ending (NEVER mix business with those you love.), financial stress, business stress, people being cheated on, school starting, etc. sort of life crap.

What makes now different than any other time life kicks my ass? I am consciously choosing to NOT let it kill me. I'm not home wallowing in self-pity, quitting my workouts, stuffing my face with crap I know is going to make me sick. When we get stressed our body produces and stores cortisol. Too much is bad. It can have long term side effects such as memory loss, weight gain, insomnia and depression just to name a few.

I'm ALSO choosing to fight the food cravings. It's not easy. I want to kill for chocolate sometimes. But I know that chocolate cravings are usually a sign of insufficient magnesium, so have been trying alternative foods (like bananas) first. If it doesn't work, then I might cave. But just a little...usually starting with my nutrition shake to see if that'll stop the madness before the brownies.

I can't say the forced exercise and push to eat healthy is making everything hunky-dorey. I have honestly put on a few pounds, which is adding to the stress as I have my various annual health screenings coming up. The last thing I need is more weight. BUT I can say it's helping to keep me out of the state mental hospital or jail. It's also helping me stay off medication. Many people run to find that "magic pill" when they start noticing the side effects of stress. But after 12 years of research, self-study, therapy, and personal development I've learned to recognize what the heck is going on. I also hate pill popping, so alternative is better for me.

What is the best alternative? Eat as clean as you can (sanely) and get regular exercise. Seriously. It's also cheaper. And I know I'm not getting paid to give me something that's actually bad for me, like many doctors and big pharma.

So even though I'm completely devastated at my friend being a dumbass, feel like I'm walking through a mine field with my daughter, and have moments I want to start beating people with baseball bats the fact remains the same that the best relief is getting off my ass no matter how bad I want to binge watch entire series and by leaving all the sugary crap at the grocery store. I'm exhausted, but it's my life. This temporary thing is just that...temporary. There's no point in letting it ruin the rest of my life.

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