Beginnings & Gratitude

Holy Cow, my first entry!


Well, the first thing I think we need to talk about is GRATITUDE. Since beginning this whole living better thing, one of the toughest lessons has been figuring out that without gratitude, things will most likely fail.  I don't say this callously.  It's NOT easy to be genuinely thankful or to see the positive in, well, anything sometimes.  Especially when life seems to consistently hand you piles of shit in a hurricane.


But that doesn't mean it's impossible. The key is to write it down and keep it someplace you will be reminded of those moments frequently. Seriously, keep it in your face. Like almost annoyingly in your face.  Why?  So it can be reflected on and as a reminder that even through the crap storm there's some good. Here are some ideas:


~ Keep a document in your phone on your home screen (easy access)
~ Use a notebook and keep it on the counter. In your way. All the time.
~ Clear a wall. Paint a bare tree (like those Family tree decor things). Use your thankful moments as leaves and watch your tree bloom.
~ Use a dry erase board, message board, cork board....or any other similar item to display your blessings


Get the whole house involved. The more positive and thankful everyone becomes, the better life is. Everything seems to fall into place. Your overall health and wellness will improve.  The depressive binge eating pizza and ice cream sessions seem to come fewer and further between.

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